Marta Karela

Marta Karela

I have always been attracted to alternative methods of healing. I educated myself in healing herbs and natural remedies. When I was looking for help with my health challenges I came across Reflexology and became a practitioner. Tao and Zen Shiatsu combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine followed as I was looking for more ways to get knowledge and means to treat myself and others.

I am a Registered Shiatsu Therapist and Certified Reflexologist, practicing Reflexology over 20 years (working also from Burnaby General Hospital) ZEN Shiatsu practitioner (combination of eastern and western approaches to healing body, mind and spirit). I was also trained in Breema, an ancient system of nurturing touch and body movement originating in Tibet. Corrective Exercise (SOTAI) and other therapies and techniques.

My passion has always been not only facilitating healing but helping people look and feel younger. That was why I took courses in Shiatsu Face Lift and later in Natural Face Lift based mostly on Ayurveda.

Certificates, Diplomas and Professional Memberships:

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